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Working with from 1m to 1.4 m wide.

The specially designed blades and blade placing needs low Kilowatt input to work the required width. Ideal for areas where small tractors are used.
One man can connect and disconnect the unit.
Because of the special design of the blade, the rotivator will not cause drainage problems in clay soil.
The rotivator works wider than the compact tractor tracks, leaving no compacted soil.
With the unique way the rotivator connects to the compact tractor it does not compromise the tractors turning circle, making it ideal for tunnel/net farming.
The depth is set on independent wheels so that a constant working depth is achieved even in uneven terrain.
Ridgers can be joined to the rotivators. This makes it possible to rotivate and ridge in one Operation. 

New generation rotivators imported from Italy
New generation rotivators imported from Italy